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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Simple ever post for today. Only to explain. What's "science vs romance".
Got these words from a song, by a indie-rock band Rilo Kiley, "Science vs Romance". Somewhat, the music isn't the same as I want to explain here.

Science, is your sanity. Your brain. Your way to think how to life, either with confuseness, or with too a lot happiness to explain.
Romance, your feeling to everything around you. Love. Friendship. Strangers around you. An unpredictable, ninety-five percent act before think, selfish heart.

So, why they both always have a conflict?
Hey, simple. Just like a kid with his/her parents. The kid sometimes have a selfish, want do anything by him/herself. While parents not even let him/her do it even once.

But why they also needed by life, why not only science, or only romance?
Life's fair bro. Without science, everybody in the world only feels. Not think what they do. Either without romance, plin-plan things will always happen. You met a boy, you think you love him. But another boy came, and you love with him, and these feelings are instantly appear, then gone.

Romance is unexplainable. Even if "decrypted" with science, sometimes. Sometimes people can have feelings tp multiple peoples. Heart makes confusion to brain, to choice which one is the one with the highest feeling, (of love).

I always think if romance always win. Because feeling controls everything in our life. Sanity controls some too, but not as much as feeling.

Ever say a "dirty" word even you're a girl? Not your sanity controls it. Your feeling do.
Ever have a confusion when you "love him, or not"? Sanity can't decide it nicely, only feeling can do perfectly. Even if sanity choice, sometimes it'll gone awkward at the last.
Ever can't do move on or forgeting something nice but hurts, or it's a awkward moment of your life? Can sanity "erase the memories to the recycle bin and erase it permanently"? No.
"Awareness that things were not so unbearable as they seemed" - Anonymous.

And at last,
"Sometimes to stop the idiots, you have to confuse the smart ones. Sanity doesn't smart at all as it seemed. Ironically, they were the idiots for feelings.". - Anonymous, (little) edited by me.

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