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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

This darkness caused by many things. A lot of them. Including, PLN blackouts, and confuseness of war in my heart. Feels I wanna erase them both, but useless.

I can't control a national company for controlling the electricy distribution. So I can just carry on and... Do nothing when PLN do it blackouts. 
And I can't control what's inside my heart. Confuseness of war shit. 'Give Your Heart a Break' by Demi Lovato is a nice choice for this, or, 'Come Back to Me' by Akon. 
The core is, I can't control too much of my already-nearly filled up emotion. But I don't know any choices rather than quiet. Anyways, 'quietness is the best revenge', right?

Waiting for the electricy back works again, or wait for someone understand how I feel everyday when I need to waiting a 'single-f***ing-text-message-for-hours-after-minutes-texting'. Is it fare? No.
Said waited just once for two hours, doesn't worth like 3 hours, or even half of day waiting for nearly EVERYDAY.

And, when it's blackout, I always tried the best to conserve my phone battery, just for texting you. In last seconds, one percent of battery percentage is enough for a closing time of texting, I mean, "Goodnight. Nice dream. Ilysm. :)".
And sometimes you don't understand how much troubles I get when I do conserve battery. Turn off data service to dramatically reduce battery usage, sometimes mean I lost a lot of (sometimes very important ) information from chat apps ( BBM ).

Sometimes you don't understand, how much time I wasted my time to waiting a single blink of my phone's LED. Do nothing. Just waiting my phone vibrating and blink it's LED. Hoping something come inside. It can nearly for hours per day, means a day or more in month.

Imagine it. A day or more in month. I could have a nap for that, but I afraid I missed it.

"Sand rethanks refore uthe yohours ofa uwaiting latime, whoe-usesin-uthe-yophone-righta-nowa.
Rethanks. Ita helpsa mein alota refore NOTA tacontactsoning mya nagirl.


And then waked up, realised if it was a dream. Saw a red-light LED blink, and it's.....
"Fuck. Haha."
Wear the earphone, "More than Words" by Westlife, "Sad" by Maroon 5, "Welcome to My Life" by Simple Plan, "Wake Me Up When September Ends" by Greenday.
Then gone slept again.

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